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Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Casing System
for Geothermal Application

The GRE-GEO (glass fiber reinforced epoxy casing for geothermal application) project will develop a new well completion strategy that aims to establish a corrosion-resistant alternative to decrease the development and production costs of geothermal energy while avoiding extra investments.

Corrosion and scaling significantly reduce the lifespan of traditionally used steel casing systems, which must guarantee the wellbore integrity. Consequently, workover procedures are forced earlier than expected, and becoming a substantial financial burden. In contrast, Glass fiber casings (GRE) do provide a much-desired alternative as this material is corrosion resistant. However, in comparison with steel, GRE pipes are up to now only available in relatively small inner diameters, with excessively large outer diameters. development and production costs of geothermal energy while avoiding extra investments.

with the name of photographer Carel Kram


A multinational consortium of geothermal experts has launched the GEOTHERMICA project GRE GEO to develop a new glass fiber reinforced epoxy casing system for geothermal application.

The consortium consists of eight partners:

  • Vulcan Energy Engineering (formally gec-co), Germany, main coordinator

  • DrillTec GUT GmbH, Germany

  • TU Clausthal (ITE), Germany

  • Future Pipe Industries (FPI), The Netherlands, national leader

  • Dynaflow Research Group DRG, The Netherlands

  • Nuclear Research and Consultancy NRG, The Netherlands

  • Eartha AG, Switzerland

  • Service Industriels de Genève, Switzerland, cooperation partner

“The lack of a suitable alternatives to steel jeopardizes the profitability of any geothermal projects, which are facing massive corrosion problems. Developing a glass fiber reinforced epoxy casing system will lead to a major improvement for new and existing geothermal appliances. Due to our extensive experience in deep drilling technology and geothermal systems, we have the necessary overview to analyze the various requirements and to coordinate this project successfully.”

Markus Ruff, Chief Engineer and Project Manager GRE GEO at gec-co




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